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The course gives basic knowledge in object­oriented analysis and design, the basics of the modeling language UML and the implementation of analysis and design models using an object­oriented programming language.

After completing the course the student is expected to:

  • Understand the concepts and principles of object­oriented analysis and design
  • Be able to develop object­oriented models in UML for different problems
  • Be able to transform object­oriented models into an object­oriented programming language and vice versa
  • Have basic knowledge of the use of design patterns
  • Have basic knowledge of refactoring as a design method.


The theory provides the fundamental principles, which are used as the basis for the creation of self­knowledge, which is then used in practical applications.

Course elements:

  • Principles and methods for object­oriented analysis and domain modeling in UML
  • Principles and methods for object­oriented design in UML
  • Principles and methods of use of design patterns
  • Transformation of object­oriented design to object­oriented implementation and vice versa
  • Principles and methods for refactoring of object­oriented implementation method of object­oriented design